July 1, 2008

The DVD Releases This Week Suggest One Thing...

...Go See WALL-E! Joey here, and the dvd releases this week are indeed relatively weak and of course coinciding with the upswing in big movie releases at the multiplex. That being said, as always I'm able to come up with a PICK OF THE WEEK, and this week's pick is:
-My Blueberry Nights
Wong Kar Wai's first english language film isn't perfect, but it oozes atmosphere and features a star studded cast and a rather good romance to boot. Norah Jones is the big suprise here, but everyone does good work.
-Also out this week on the positive side is City of Men, which is good, but not City of God good, and the comedy Sex and Death 101. This got a very limited release but comes from the man behind Heathers and is also a fairly dark comedy. This also has a really interesting premise, and while it's flawed, it's still not bas at all.
-Released this week as well, but of less quality is Vantage Point, which was not nearly as good as the marketing made you think it was, Drillbit Taylor, which was nowhere near as funny as the presence of Judd Apatow would have you think, and the shameless cash-in Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd: Out of Control. This looks just horrid and may actually taint Get Smart by its simple existence.
-My old school pick this week is the Kevin Costner sports vehicle For Love of the Game. Sam Raimi directed this and made a good book into a great sports drama about an aging pitcher. Seek it out if it sounds like your type of thing.
-Once again...Go See WALL-E!!!!!!!

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