January 13, 2009

Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen Clean Up This Week's DVD Column!

Yes, yes they do, and the title of this article must obviously make my choice for the PICK OF THE WEEK rather clear. It is:
Ed Harris directed and co-wrote this very solid Western yarn. It's not perfect, and not as good as either of the Westerns last year, but it's still pretty cool and well worth a look.
-Also out this week we have Swing Vote, the Kevin Costner election comedy and was a box office bomb, but should find a decent home on DVD since it's better than the reviews made it out to be. There's My Best Friend's Girl, a raunchy comedy that tries way too hard, but has some funny moments in it, the horror flick Mirrors, which is like a really gory supernatural episode of 24, Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys, which is a bit too melodramatic for my tastes, and the costume piece Brideshead Revisited, which wasn't terrible but doesn't necessarily need to be revisited, if you get my drift.
-My Vintage pick this week in honor of the sort of Western theme is the best Western flick of last year, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. While it's a bit too long, the film is haunting and has some very good work from Brad Pitt and especially Casey Affleck. It was ignored a bit in theaters, but now at home you can right that wrong.
-What will you ladies and gents be watching this week?


  1. Jesse James was my favorite movie last year. It is true that way too few people saw that movie. It is long, but I honestly didn't mind the length. I think the atmosphere of the story drew me in completley. I was probably the only one who would have voted for Casey Affleck instead of Javier Bardem, but I don't care.

  2. I would have as well, oddly enough

  3. thought Affleck was my second choice...Hal Holbrook had my vote last year

  4. was pleasantly surprised by Swing Vote!