January 12, 2009

Just Gotta Say...

Congrats to Mickey Rourke! He deserved it in a big bad way. Overall, a decent awards show, no?


  1. I think they tired to tone down the ridiculousness a bit, but the Globes are still a joke compared to the Oscars and Guilds (Specifically the SAG Awards). At least we didn't have to sit through the suicide incentive that was last year's Golden Globe presentation.

    The standing ovations for both Heath and Rourke were well deserved. I was surprised to see just how many people were excited to see Rourke win. Looks like he he really gotten his act together and earned back the respect of his peers. That's always a good sign.

  2. It seemed like by the end, all those drinks people had were starting to kick in. If Rourke's choice in dress wasn't daring enough, I think even he would agree that he pushed the boundaries of appropriate TV language, plus he coaxed Aronofsky to flip him the bird (a great WTF!? moment on television). You can see the producers got nervous and turned on the time delay cause when Slumdog won Best Picture and they tried to cut off Christian Colson, he clearly dropped the f-bomb. An interesting way to send out the evening.

    I also just gotta say...why did Mark and Condon choose Jackman to host the Oscars when Ricky Gervais was right in front of them. This and his appearence at the Emmys is more than enough evidence.

  3. the Rourke ovation almost brought me to tears!

  4. alcohol and the Globes go together quite well it seems