January 5, 2009

The PGA Noms

The Producers Guild announced their nominees today, and here they are:

Motion Picture

“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”

“The Dark Knight”



“Slumdog Millionaire”



“Kung Fu Panda”



“Man on Wire”

“Trouble the Water”

“Standard Operating Procedure”

-Are we looking at our 5 nominees for Best Picture? Discuss!


  1. I'm thinking that this will be the first time in years that the PGA and oscars match 5/5. Sorry WALL-E fanboys/fangirls, but it ain't gonna happen. Be happy with the Best Animated film oscar.

  2. it certainly could happen, but either Milk, Frost/Nixon, or TDK could be left off, most likely either for WALL-E, Doubt, The Wrestler, Revolutionary Road, or something offbeat like The Reader or Gran Torino

  3. This is definetly good news for TDK. I always imagined that it would get some love from the guilds that would help it come up. It will probably nab that fifth slot, although Nolan getting a DGA nomination will make me feel a little more confident, which he probably will.

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  6. As I have thought for a month now, I know that TDK is locked in the BP category. As for Wall-E, I think it still has a strong shot. It's strong campaign could get Frost/Nixon out of the way (which is one of the weakest films to be in the top 10 in this BP race).

  7. I was expecting the nod for the Dark Knight, the PGA tends to nominate the films that make the most money so I wasn't surprised when they included TDK, afterall they've nominated Shrek and The Incredibles in the past, if TDK can get a DGA nom, then it has a good shot of getting into the top 5

  8. I'm very glad Milk got a nomination. And i'll be sick if it gets left out of best picture come oscars, especially for a movie like doubt or revolutionary road

  9. I personally would rather see ANYTHING replace Frost/Nixon. I swear, there is so much ass-kissing to Ron Howard this year that Clint Eastwood must be feeling left out. LMAO

  10. It shocks me that, after 1 nomination, The Dark Knight is apparently the frontrunner for best pic again. Now I know I'm exaggerating what everyone is saying, but let's be real. The fact of the matter is, TDK has missed out on MANY key nominations and wins. A PGA nomination doesn't make it a lock for best picture. As for Wall-e, if you look at the critics awards, its easy to see that, other than Slumdog Millionaire, Wall-e is the only one that has consistently won best picture. Not only do I think its gonna be nominated, but I think it might be right behind Slumdog in the race to win it.

    My predicted top 5 at the academy:
    Slumdog Millionaire
    Benjamin Button

    I know they are pretty obvious predictions, but I honestly don't see it coming out any other way. The only other thing I can see happening is The Wrestler surprisingly getting in the top 5.

  11. There's too much F/N hate these days. I thought the film was really good, and deserving of praise. It's simple, but it packs a powerful message, and the performances are great. It reminds me a lot of Good Night, Good Luck, which I enjoyed. I think people are harsh on F/N because they REALLY want either The DK or Wall-E to get nominated. I haven't heard a substantive criticism of the film yet.

  12. indeed...the closest thing there is to a complaint about it is the mock interview technique, which some people weren't thrilled with

  13. I just think that 2008 was an awesome year for movies, since there are many debates about which movies should be nominated.

  14. Well, as far as Frost/Nixon goes, here are my main gripes with it

    For one thing, the mock interview thing is on a level of pointless that is only matched by the original voice over in Blade Runner. Whenever you reach the emotional/whatever climax of the film, this voice over interview kicks in and completely ruins the build up of emotions surrounding the crucial moment of the film where Nixon essentially admits to wrongdoing and apologizes.

    This mock interview aspect also play a larger part in one of the two main problems with the film. For starters, not only does the mock interview kill the emotional climax fo the film, but it also makes it feel more like watching a television documentary, during which you know exactly what is going to happen and when. For me, this is what killed the film.

    There was really no suspense whatsoever. I've not seen the play, but personally, I would think that there needed to be some sort of suspense as to when Nixon would admit what he did and apologize. You're supposed to be on the edge of your seat, just like all the people watching the historic event on television. Instead, I caught myself checking my watch, wondering "So when is Nixon gonna admit it?" This was also not helped by the marketing of the film, which reveals the crucial moment when Nixon says "I'm saying that when the President does it, that's not illegal!" at the end of the trailer. Add that on to the fact that I saw the trailer like a thousand times in theatres and TV. But this was my main complaint. There was no sense of sitting on the edge of my seat just like the characters and people who were watching. I felt like I was just waiting for him to finally do it, not wondering whether or not he was gonna do it. Unlike Ron Howard's Apollo 13, which suspended your previous knowledge that the crew makes it home safely and keeps you on the edge of you seat wondering if they are gonna make it, Frost/Nixon never once made me wonder IF he was gonna do it. This complete lack of suspense turned what could have been a great film in a merely ok one.

  15. Wow...you TDK people really get worked up over nothing...you've been left out of pretty much everything so far, so don't get you hopes up...if anything, Wall-E is sure to get in over TDK

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