January 9, 2009

The Remake of "Last House on the Left" Gets a Trailer

And it's not as bad as I thought:
-All I'm saying is that this could be A LOT worse...


  1. Someone needs to save Wes Craven's work from himself. I didn't really care even for the original film, but parts of it worked in creating a genuinley creepy atmosphere. I had the same feeling about the original Hills Have Eyes, and look what became of that disgusting mess of a remake.

    With this and the upcoming remake of Nightmare on Elm Street, it looks like the once genuine Craven name will become laughable (though Elm St. might recover with the Billy Bob Thornton casting)

  2. I actually think his work is prime for remakes because of the limited budget, they're not such golden material they can't be updated, but that's just me

  3. this isn't a sacred cow to me, so i'm open to it being good