January 11, 2009

Some Info on New Stuff From David O. Russell

Some tidbits to be found in an article from Variety, mainly this:
The “Three Kings” director, who last helmed “I Heart Huckabees,” spent 2008 filming “Nailed,” the Jake Gyllenhaal-Jessica Biel romantic comedy that halted several times during shooting because of a financial shortfall by the film’s financier, Capitol Films.
Russell is next expected to direct Matthew McConaughey in “The Grackle,” a raucous comedy that is being produced by McConaughey’s jk livin’ banner and casts the actor as a barroom brawler who uses his skills to settle disputes for people who can’t afford a lawyer.
-Always interested to see what this talented director has in store for us.


  1. can't wait to hear more about Nailed

  2. David O Russell is supposed to be a complete "@*%#
    I think it might be on youtube, but there's this clip when filming i heart huckabees, where he didnt realise the camera wasn't switched off.
    MASSIVE ATTACK on Lily Tomlin, Dustin Hoffman didnt know how to react, really unnecessary.

  3. indeed, that video made the rounds a lot a while back