May 6, 2010

Under the Circuit: Sam Rockwell

The next underrated, Oscar-less actor had been chosen. Sam Rockwell, star of such films as Moon, Matchstick Men, and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, is one of the best actors working today. Joey takes a look at his career up until now.

Have a read HERE.

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  1. I run hot and cold on Sam Rockwell. He was excellent in Snow Angels, no doubt, and endlessly fascinating in Moon, but until recently he's never quite "captured" me like he has so many others. I saw him self-consciously trying to be "quirky" instead of really inhabiting his characters more often than not. Choke is an example, though probably a divisive one with passionate defenders.

    But again, his recent work has really surprised me, so I'm somewhat inclined to revisit his earlier films to see if I was missing something. Best of luck to him on the road to Oscar, I'm sure he'll get one soon (knock on Oldman wood).

  2. I can understand the sentiment about Rockwell.

    Agreed obviously about Snow Angels and Moon, though I'd argue he fit what Choke needed perfectly.

    We shall see...

  3. I think he's the type of actor who seems to get better with each role, so he's someone who seems to be on the road to Oscar (as you say), given his current trajectory...