May 4, 2010

What does a strong opening weekend mean for the future of Freddy?

Well, a sequel of 3D, no less. Here's the story, according to Worst Previews:

Now that "A Nightmare on Elm Street" earned almost $33 million (on a $27 million budget) during its opening weekend, Warner Bros has decided to move forward with a sequel. According to Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller, the 3D sequel is "already in the works."

This doesn't mean that the second installment has received the greenlight, and there is a good chance that the new movie may never get made. "Friday the 13th" remake performed even better. It took in $40 million (on a $19 million budget) during its opening weekend, but then dropped by 80% the following weekend.

"Nightmare" is being trashed by the critics, which could play a part in the film's quick decline. Plus "Iron Man 2" is coming out, and that's not going to help. But if it is able to maintain decent numbers, then a sequel could be ready by as soon as next year. Stay tuned.

-I hated the film with a passion, but there's nowhere to go for them but up...thoughts?

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  1. Be on the lookout for my review of the remake soon! It's already been written up, just waiting for publication.