May 6, 2010

What the world apparently needs now is one more 'Die Hard' flick...

...according to Fox, at least. Here's what The Hollywood Reporter had to say:

John McClane’s string of bad luck may not yet be over.

“Hitman” screenwriter Skip Woods is in negotiations with Fox to take a crack at a new “Die Hard” script. The New York cop known for consistently being in the wrong place at the right time has already survived four run-ins with terrorists, traitors and psychotic loose cannons of one stripe or another.

In his last outing, “Live Free or Die Hard,” written by Mark Bomback and directed by Len Wiseman in 2007, McClane battled Web terrorists to $378 million in worldwide grosses — 20 years after first pitching Hans Gruber out a broken window at Fox towers. So the studio justifiably sees another installment as a strong bet.

There’s no word yet on the new project’s story line, but former Fox exec Alex Young (“Unstoppable”) is producing.

The CAA-repped Woods has already co-written several tentpole projects for Fox, including “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and the forthcoming TV adaptation “The A-Team.” He also wrote the original screenplay for “Swordfish.”

McClane himself, the CAA-repped Bruce Willis, has several projects moving toward release — Sylvester’s Stallone’s “The Expendables” and the Summit actioner “Red” — and then a late-summer production start on the Lionsgate video game adaptation “Kane & Lynch.”

After that, he’s free again to dig out the stubble, filthy T-shirt and beleaguered wisecracks.

-I'm not thrilled with their choice of scribe, but I liked the last film in the franchise more than some of the other ones, so I'm not necessarily against this...thoughts?


  1. I rank the series 1, 4, 2, and I could see a 5th one being good, but only with an inspired choice for director. That being said, they'll probably choose someone safe and make a fairly average flick. We shall see...

  2. They'd likely never do it, but Darren Aronofsky, Kathryn Bigelow, Martin Campbell, Paul Greengrass, or Matthew Vaughn would be my top 5 choices to try and make a great new Die Hard flick.