December 23, 2008

A Holiday DVD Week

Yes, deck the halls and light the menora and such, it's holiday season, and on the site is no exception. The DVD releases this week aren't holiday themed, except in that they're for sale this holiday season. Quick note that some of the movies won't be out till the weekend, so take note of that. There's some decent selections, though nothing amazing. My PICK OF THE WEEK is the latest from the Brothers Coen. It's:
Burn After Reading
Essentially the comedy version of No Country for Old Men, it's got some nice performances from the ensemble and is generally pretty appealing.
-Also out we have Shia's mindless action flick Eagle Eye, which is ok if you turn your brain off, the even more mindless action film Death Race, the decent pseudo horror drama Baghead, the ok period piece starring (who else but?) Keira Knightley The Duchess, the flawed but entertaining documentary American Teen (my #2 pick this week), and the dueling comedies Hamlet 2 and Ghost Town, both of which are pretty entertaining.
-My Vintage pick, in honor of the season, is also one of my favorite movies to watch on a downer of a day. It's Love, Actually, and it's very hard not to be charmed by this. The holiday setting only adds to the flavor, and it's a great watch for the whole family (if they're not too uptight).
-What will you guys be watching this week?


  1. Well, I have a list of things I like to watch around Christmas

    The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    Sweeney Todd
    The Chronicles of Narnia
    There Will Be Blood
    The Dark Knight
    The Nightmare Before Christmas
    Lawrence of Arabia
    Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy

  2. Yeah lol, not Christmas-y at all, huh?

    Add Wall-E to the list as well

  3. Love Actually works for me