December 28, 2008

Initial Thoughts on 'Gomorra'

Two words: gritty realism (think 'The Wire'). It strips all of the glamour that you come to expect from a Gangsta film. The narration seems frantic and loose, which will turn some people off. However, its a hard hitting film that highlights the impact on a place controlled by the Camorra. I can't call it a masterpiece, but it's certainly among the best of this year. A more detailed review is coming.


  1. Something about it just doesn't sit right with me. Maybe it looks too third world or something. I don't know. I appreciate gritty realism, but there's only a certain amount that works sometimes. This looks like it was shot on a hand-held camera 100% of the time. I mean, it could be great and worth a viewing, as I have made a point of seeing at least one of the Foreign Language entries every year, and this one looks like the best of them. Who knows, maybe I should give it a shot.

    Where is this set? Italy? Somewhere else?

  2. Naples, Italy, I believe.

    I'm looking forward to it, I love mafia movies.