December 17, 2008

Laying the Smackdown on the Gurus of Gold

The Good: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button made a significant leap ahead of Milk. Its now 4 points behind Slumdog. Although Milk dropped, it's only 18 points below Slumdog, while Frost Nixon and Revolutionary Road round out the top 5. 

The Bad: The Dark Knight dropped out of the top 5. Its still in the thick of things, but the DK's star is fading (at least among the Gurus and Critics). Guild love will do the Dark Knight wonders. Also, Wall-E isn't in the top ten yet. Its enjoying basement space with the Visitor. I think both of these movies should be in the top ten (of the movies listed), but who am I? 

The Ugly: The Wrestler has yet to make strides with the Gurus of Gold. Australia and Doubt are ahead of it. The Wrestler is currently at 98 % (RT) and 82 % (MC). Yet, the Gurus have yet to show it any significantly love. Either they hate wrestling or haven't seen the movie yet. I'll go with the former, since I'm still confused on why I ever enjoyed watching dudes in tights 'rassle


  1. I dont think that either Frost/Nixon or RR will get a best picture nomination. Both have been really poor in awards. Heath Ledger has helped TDK in being in the first places and i think WallE is much more Oscar worthy than RR or Frost.

  2. I'm not sure what "Oscar Worthy" means, but I do believe that Wall-E is a legitimate contender if we take the precursors into account. With that said, I think the Gurus are hesitant to embrace Wall-E because of the bias toward Animated Films. There is still that doubt that, despite its recent success with the precursors, AMPAS will not give it a nomination. A doubt which is quite reasonable when you consider that many other worthy animated films failed to get a nod.

  3. I sincerely think that is a shame. The same with foreign language films. Hidden Dragon was a visible exception but most of foreign films are overlooked by AMPAS and just get excluded to their category as animated films often are.