January 1, 2009

Trailer for Two Lovers

The latest from director James Gray (the film was called the best American drama of 2008 early on in the year...perhaps it'll fare just as well in 2009) has a trailer:
-I'm a sucker for Brooklyn set films, as it's my hometown and stomping grounds, but even so, this looks pretty good, though perhaps a tad melodramatic...thoughts?


  1. Maybe it should be seen for the sole purpose that this is Joaquin Phoenix's supposed last film.

  2. Considering the track record of actors who quit for their music careers is about as successful as the Staypuff Marshmallow Man's attempts to get hard (*cough*Bruce Willis*cough*), I wouldn't be so sure that this is his last role. Back in 07, I remember reading that both Kevin Spacey and Gary Oldman were quitting, and they still seem to be working. Clint Eastwood had quit acting right up until he did Gran Torino (but this time for sure, right?)

    In any case, I hope this isn't his last film, because it looks very uninspiring and cliched.