April 18, 2010

The 2003 Awards Circuit Staff Top 10's come out, along with an Under the Circuit article on Jim Carrey!

Yes, we'll soon know what the big winners of the 2003 Awards Circuit Community Awards are, but until then , we on the staff have let loose our Top 10 lists for that year. They all can be found here, so check them out, let us know what you think, and tell us what your top 10's for 2003 would have been!
We also have the next article in our Under the Circuit Series, this one on Jim Carrey. Check it out here and let us know who to tackle next!
-Thoughts on the Staff Top 10 lists and the Under the Circuit article?


  1. I am loving that Return of the King is way up there on most of the lists. However, even as a Tim Burton fan, I must confess that Big Fish did nothing for me as a whole! Some of the relationships between the father and his wife and son intrigued me, but the film as a whole left me feeling unsatisfied.

  2. That's perfectly alright.

    I'm the exact opposite. I adore Big Fish and Return of the King did nothing for me, but that's the nature of film.

  3. Also, if anyone is curious (someone must be since they asked me on Formspring), here's my expanded list:

    1. Lost in Translation
    2. All The Real Girls
    3. Big Fish
    4. Love Actually
    5. Elephant
    6. Shattered Glass
    7. Matchstick Men
    8. Irreversible
    9. Anything Else
    10. Thirteen
    11. The Cooler
    12. Kill Bill Vol. 1
    13. Mystic River
    14. The Last Samurai
    15. Finding Nemo
    16. American Wedding
    17. Identity
    18. Monster
    19. Old School
    20. The Dreamers

  4. I like the article on Jim Carrey. I have been wanting that guy to win an Oscar since he started showing us how an actor can be both serious and comedic and not just pick one side. But even though he was clearly snubbed for Eternal, I don't think he has yet landed the right role to be Oscar rewarded. Fingers crossed the right script lands on his desk soon!

  5. Pretty much everyone we're featuring in this series fits into that category.