April 21, 2010

Apparently 'Men in Black 3' is happening...

...in 3D, no less (though with the original leads intact). Here's the story from Cinematical:

Looks like I'll have to wait for those sequels to Enemy of the State, Hancock and Independence Day a little longer, as Will Smith has officially signed on for a third outing of the Men in Black series along with Tommy Lee Jones, according to Barry Sonnenfeld. The director, who helmed the first two installments, told Roger Friedman of Showbiz 411 that he's ready to roll on Men in Black 3D -- and don't act surprised about that D at the end -- just as soon as the script is good to go.

Is the "awaited" script still the work of Tropic Thunder scribe Etan Cohen, who was reportedly halfway done with a first draft last October? Friedman didn't find out. Nor is there any update on the casting of Josh Brolin, who'd been linked to the part of a younger version of Jones' character, Agent K, for a plot involving time travel. But if Jones is indeed in, unexpectedly, perhaps the story has changed. That, or Jones has agreed to just appear in minimal, present-day capacity.

Friedman presumes Sony will push for MIB3D to hit theaters in a year due to the loss of Spider-Man 4 as a summer 2011 tentpole. Tradition would mean a July 1 release date, but that would put this up against Transformers 3. It also means the production does need to roll right away, though I'm the last person to think they'd care to take their time and deliver a quality sequel with a lot of substance. And that's sort of okay, since the MIB movies are at least enjoyable pieces of insignificant fluff. Thanks to the magic spectacle of 3D, the third movie will simply need some wild, screen-popping aliens and weaponry to get people in seats.

-Hopefully this installment is more like MIB 1 than MIB 2...thoughts?


  1. Doesn't seem especially necessary to me, but I liked the first one, so I'll be thrilled if it's good...

  2. Not the worst thing in the world, but their are just so many things I'd rather see Will Smith do instead.