April 27, 2010

American Idol: Idol Gives Back Commentary

Because of the hiatus of the MainSite, the commentary from last Tuesday's performance shows are up on the American Idol page.

We all know the result was Tim Urban was sent packing but this week our Top 6 will take on the Shania Twain songbook. In other words, it's Country Week. Casey, Aaron, and Crystal should have no problem. Lee, Siobhan, and Big Mike should have a tougher time.

Comment. Is there anyway we don't get a Crystal/Lee finale? Do we have a shocker in our future?


  1. I think the odds of a Siobhan/Crystal final are still there. Lee and Siobhan switched places a few weeks ago but all it will take is a few more so-so performances from Lee and a couple of stellar performances from Siobhan to change it up. Can't outrule the final momentum.

    However my greatest fear is we see a Casey/Crystal final or even an Aaron/Crystal final. OR worse yet a Casey/Aaron final. Don't forget, it seems only female girls have been controlling the votes as we watched the girls get dropped off one by one :(

  2. Well I could not have gotten that more wrong. Just goes to show, it's teenage girls voting just like the last two seasons. At this rate I think we should be expecting to see a guy win.