April 24, 2010

Today's Trailers: The Last Airbender, The Disappearance of Alice Creed, and Eclipse

First up is M. Night's foray into adapting children's television programming with a new look at 'The Last Airbender':

Next we have the trailer for the thriller 'The Disappearance of Alice Creed':

We end today with a trailer for the third installment of the Twilight Saga, this one called 'Eclipse':



  1. The first two are okay, Alice Creed looks like a good thriller, but I hope they haven't given too much away in the trailer. Watched New Moon last night, so am excited about the upcoming Eclipse, the trailer for which looks really good. Some of the characters are insufferable (which I found with the books), but they are cheap fun. And who doesn't like to ogle Edward and Jacob (except straight guys and lesbians)? Having watched the first two Twilight films within days of each other, I noticed how very different they looked. Was somone else in charge of makeup or something on New Moon? I thought they had the look done better in the first one.

  2. I almost don't want to admit it, but the Eclipse trailer didn't look like a cinematic abortion at all...

  3. A cinematic abortion? That description cracks me up!

  4. I think the Eclipse trailer is terrible. I thought the trailer before it made it look, very surprisingly, decent but this one destroyed that completely. This trailer just left me in awe of how a multi-million dollar franchise still can't get decent graphics and special effects.

    And sadly The Last Airbender now looks bad too (another film that looked better in the teaser). The very small bits of acting we saw in this trailer felt very reminiscent of The Lady In The Lake which is sad, cos like most people I've been hoping M. Night had let that go and might make a comeback. Doesn't look like this will be the film to do it :(

  5. Believe me, I don't think it looks good, but it doesn't look nearly as inept as the trailer for the third installment of a shitty franchise that has no regard for quality should be...

  6. The Twilight films aren't selling me on the effects for their wolves, I must admit. We've come too far to accept second-rate effects in big money-makers like this one!

  7. The real problem with Twilight is, so far the entire plot of all three films could have been one film. Let's face it, what's really happened besides:
    "I love you,
    I don't love you,
    I love him,
    No wait I love you,
    Ah some vampires are trying to kill us"

  8. That's probably better than any of the actual dialogue...

  9. Well, in my opinion, they should just hire Kevin Smith to write the next "Twilight" movie, but that's beside the point...

    "The Disappearance of Alice Creed" looks like a great little thriller, which unfortunately comes with a big deterrent (for me at least) - Gemma Arterton. Is it just me, or is she just a terrible actress who can't change her style in any film she's in?

    Although it won't be too good of a film, "The Last Airbender" definitely looks entertaining, albeit the fact that it's being retrofitted for 3-D, once again.

    No matter what kind of talent or change in perspective they have for "Twilight", it's never going to change the fact that the films are what they are -- tween porn.

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  11. Kevin Smith does have perhaps the best description of the Twilight franchise and what it does to girls...

  12. What I was going to say (and had said but the post is lost) is throw in a couple of "I'm no good for you's" and the odd "you'll only get hurt around me's" and you've got it summed up Nathan! :-)