April 21, 2010

SAG lets you in on their plans for their 2011 awards!

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

SAG already is gearing up for awards season with the announcement that it has chosen the actors, randomly selected, to sit on its two 2,100-member nominating committees -- one for film and one for television.

SAG Awards Committee chair JoBeth Williams also released key dates leading to the 17th annual SAG Awards on Jan. 30.

Submissions open July 12 and close Oct. 28; nominations ballots will be mailed Nov. 24 and are due Dec. 13; nominations will be announced Dec. 16; and final ballots will be mailed to all SAG members Dec. 30 and are due Jan. 28.

-Mark it down...


  1. Interesting to see how all these voting bodies are releasing this info so early...

  2. Makes keeping track of them easier, for me at least.