April 22, 2010

Could 'Friday the 13th: Part 2' be dead?

Well, according to this in Collider (and go here for the full story), it seems to be:

Platinum Dunes Producer Brad Fuller revealed on his Twitter feed [via Bloody-Disgusting] that Friday the 13th: Part 2 is dead. That comes as a shock for several reasons. First, almost every moderately successful movie gets a sequel these days. Secondly, the first Friday the 13th grossed $90 million worldwide off a $20 million budget. Yes, sequels have to be bigger than the original, but no one expects or is asking for an expensive Friday the 13th movie.

Fuller tried to explain on his Twitter that, “its not my call- i would drop everything and make it today if they wanted it,” and the reason is it’s off is “is a long story-.” It’s a long story that I’m sure Fuller will be asked about when he does press for Platinum Dunes’ remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, which opens on April 30th.


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  1. Considering I didn't think the last one turned out nearly as awful as it could have, I'm not jumping for joy that this project came off the rails...