April 29, 2010

It may be a year early, but here's the teaser Poster for 'Scream 4'!



  1. A year early is good as it gives all the nasty, cynical, unimaginative critics out there (not you guys in here) a year to work out the most tedious of bi-lines for their critiques!

  2. I'm cautiously optimistic.

    My first instinct is to be skeptical, the same way I was when Toy Story 3 was announced. Then they brilliantly revealed the TS3 was Michael Arndt's secret Pixar project, and I felt like an idiot.

    I won't be fooled again. Williamson is back after leaving the mediocre Scream 3 to Kruger (whose style did not really fit the series). Wes Craven was convinced by the script. A busy Courtney Cox found the time. The script's gotta be decent for all those pieces to be falling into place.

    I would be a lot less worried if they hadn't already announced plans for a full second trilogy (4-6), though. Williamson better not leave any good stuff out of 4, with the hope that the other two will happen.

    I mean, I'm down with Scream 4, but do we really need 6 Scream films?
    I guess I can't complain, if it keeps Wes from making movies like Cursed or the terrifying Music of My Heart.

    Just kidding... Kind of.

  3. I'm of the mindset that the world doesn't really need a fourth Scream movie, any more than we needed a second or third. There's a fine line between spoofing the fact that horror movies have so many sequels, and falling victim to becoming a horror movie with too many sequels. I loved the original, but there's only so many places you can go with the concept.

    On a side note, when will they learn that inserting a number for a letter has never ever ever looked cool? Anybody remember when Tron Legacy was to be titled TR2N? It just gives the impression that your title is incredibly difficult to pronounce.

  4. Though Myles has an excellent point.

  5. Myles, I have a counter-argument to your letter-replaced-by-word rant -- "Se7en"