April 26, 2010

AMC Theaters to screen the first 'Iron Man' flick directly before 'Iron Man 2'!

From Cinemablend:

Are you the kind of person with six hours to kill and a deep affinity for Robert Downey Jr. flying around in a superhero suit? Then I have a bit of good news. AMC Theaters has announced that they’ll show both of the Iron Man movies back-to-back on 150 screens the night of the Iron Man 2 release. The original will go up on screens at 9PM and at 12:01AM movie-goers can just keep their butts planted to watch the premiere of the sequel.

Getting a back-to-back movie experience seems totally hit or miss. I mean sometimes the originals are so awful (Fantastic Four) they don’t warrant a second viewing or even a reminder they were ever made. Other times though, especially with well done origin stories , having the theater experience again is a perfect whistle-whetter for the sequel. In cases like Iron Man getting a re-up on the big screen is actually something worth checking out.

-Sounds pretty cool to me...thoughts?

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