April 12, 2010

What might be this generation's best coming-of-age film?

Well, that's the question that Cinematical is asking. There are plenty of films that could be thought of as "The Graduate of the 2000's". The article can be found here, and it's a great read (one that mentions some of the best movies of the genre that deal with other time periods, like An Education or A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints), but here are some of the films that they mentioned:

The 40 Year Old Virgin
Garden State
The Squid and the Whale
Knocked Up

-What do you think is our generation's best coming-of-age film?


  1. I gotta go with Garden State, but that's just me...

  2. The best movie might be between Garden State, Greenberg and Knocked Up, but thats not the question.

    I know when I look back years from now, I will remember the movies me and my friends talked alot about. And that would be Superbad and 40 Year Old Virgin.

    Superbad really hit a nerve with the young adults. It's far from being the best movie of the pack, but everybody remembers it.

  3. Garden State for me. Hit the nail right on the head for twenty-somethings these days trying to figure out what comes next!

    ...it's a great movie as well!

  4. I loved Garden State, but one of my biggest guilty pleasures ever is Superbad. It made my top 100 of the 2000's... I know, I know. But it is f#&*ing HILARIOUS!

  5. Not sure why Cinematical mentioned Elizabethtown. That was one of the worst movies of the last decade, in my opinion.

    I guess my vote for the best coming-of-age film would be The Squid and the Whale, because it's one of the most honest ones ever.

  6. Hr. Cules- Agreed, and I like that it brings up more than one question/discussion point.

  7. David- Garden State as well for me.

  8. Mark- It made mine as well, so no worries.

  9. Robert- I love that they did, since it's a movie I think is incredibly underrated, but that's just me.

  10. Of all the films mentioned, I'd have to say that "The Squid and the Whale" is probably the best. Yet, I found this to be very interesting, especially since I don't usually think of many of these films as coming-of-age stories...

  11. Interesting way to look at it, indeed.

  12. Of these films I would say "Adventureland", as it not only reminded me of ""The Graduate", The Last Picture Show", and "Breaking Away", without being too similar too them, but I although thought it best represented my post-college experience of all the films this past decade.

  13. An Education?

    Or that's too weepy to cut it?