April 18, 2010

Why Julian Schnabel won't be screening his latest film at Cannes...

...and instead will be premiering it at the Venice Film Festival. Here's Roger Friedman's story from a few days ago (sorry for the delay) on the matter:

Award winning director and famed artist Julian Schnabel will not be taking his new film, “Miral,” to the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.

The festival announces its lineup this morning. Schnabel had previously debuted his “Diving Bell and the Butterfly” there, and “Before Night Falls.”

But he says the festival wanted him to screen “Miral” out of competition but in the main festival. He said thanks, but no. The result is that “Miral” will debut in Venice, and then go to Toronto back to back next September. In Toronto, Schnabel, sources say, may also have a huge exhibition of his art simultaneously.

The Cannes fest is never without controversy, so some media outlets say they are boycotting this morning’s announcements because they’re being denied red carpet spots during the upcoming festival. And I’m also told opening night film “Robin Hood” may only have director Ridley Scott and star Russell Crowe at its press conference on the morning of May 12th. For some reason Cate Blanchett and the rest of the cast may not attend. Why? I have no idea. Usually the entire cast of a film sits for its press conference. Quel fromage!

-As long as we get to see it at some point, I don't mind waiting to hear about it a little longer...thoughts?

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  1. There's always a few filmmakers that won't settle for an Out of Competition slot, so this is nothing new...