April 11, 2010

Sam Mendes to officially direct the next Bond movie...

...but Peter Morgan may no longer be writing the screenplay, according to this article in Cinema Blend:

It’s a strange day in the world of James Bond. First a well known Bond fan site attempted to circulate a false rumor regarding the future of the franchise and now just to change things up, here’s something real… probably. It's worth noting that the Bond fansite responsible for the original hoax is still making a lot of noise. While it's unlikely they had anything to do with this, it can't be discounted. Thanks for taking all the fun out of talking about movies trolls!

For now, Britain’s Telegraph says Sam Mendes has been confirmed as the director of Bond 23. Though he was announced as the director back in January there’s been some confusion over whether he had the job, likely fueled at least in part by the disarray at MGM studios, where they’ve been fighting off bankruptcy. But the Telegraph says Bond producer Barbara Broccoli now confirms that Mendes is directing.

Off the project may be Peter Morgan, originally announced as the movie’s screenwriter. Word is that he’s moving on to something else and Mendes may be considering Patrick Marber, a playwright, as his replacement. MGM was, however, unwilling to confirm whether Morgan really is being replaced by Marber.


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  1. I'm not sure why they need a "name", but as long as the film turns out good, I won't care.