December 23, 2007

Coming Soon and Holiday Cheers!

Coming Soon to the Igloo:
  1. The Igloo critics Top 10 films of the year
  2. Reviews for December films (Sweeney Todd, The Bucket List) Remember to check out Chris Shappley's latest review of Charlie Wilson's War at the Main Site.
  3. Oscar winner Predictions. Check to see how we did last year here.
  4. 2nd Annual Online Community Awards voting as commenced. Remember to vote in all 30 categories.
  5. An interview with an overdue technical worker from the year's most entertaining film.

And finally from all of us on The Igloo Staff: We wish all of you a very happy holiday and very safe and prosperous New Year. I, Clayton am on vacation from teaching during this Holiday week and will try to update as frequently as possible. If you guys have any requests for anything please feel free to contact me by e-mail. Check out my profile for that.

Their WILL be Academy Idol this week, don't worry. Voting still goes on!

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  1. Happy holidays and have a great new year as well, thanks for everything this year, what with your site and indespensible info, it is really appreciated, here's to another great year for you guys and everyone else out there.