December 29, 2007

Since The Year Is Almost Up.....

i'll be posting my top 25 movies of the year in the next week or so.....still need to see Charlie Wilson's War, Sweeney Todd, There Will Be Blood, and The Bucket List......

in the meantime, what movie in 2008 is everyone looking foward to? Are there a lot of Iron Man fans here? Or more in the vein of The Dark Knight? How bout Cloverfield even?

Me, I can't wait for Choke.....if you've read the book, you'll know why lol

Drop in with what you guys are willing to fork over some coin to see in the 08.....


  1. The Dark Knight
    Burn After Reading

    Screw the rest of it.

  2. Well... Be Kind Rewind, Charlie Bartlett, Cloverfield, The Duchess, Get Smart, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People, In Bruges, Iron Man, Jumper, My Blueberry Nights, Paranoid Park, Prince Caspian, Sleepwalking, Speed Racer, The Spiderwick Chronicles, 10,000 BC, 21, Wall-E, Winged Creatures, and Young Victoria. To name a few.

  3. nicely done...many of those i'm intrigued by....oddly enough i'd say that of all you mentioned, Cloverfield and 21 are the two there I really really want to see...but i'm weird...after all, i started the convo lol

  4. I'm really looking forward to Indy 4. I've enjoyed reading your site the past few weeks. I have always loved movies but just this year have seriously started going. I'm really disappointed that Viggo Mortensen has not gotten more attention for his performance in Eastern Promises. While I thought Johnny Depp's performance was wonderful in Sweeney Todd, I really think Mortensen should get an oscar nod. I haven't seen There Will Be Blood yet, but I am sure Day-Lewis will just be dynamite. I haven't heard any buzz, but do you think Spielberg will ever return to do another Jaws film?

  5. thanks for the praise....Viggo has a shot still....i'd say that there will never be another Jaws film by Spielberg, though if you want to see where he got his ideas for it from, watch one of his first flicks up for him is a Lincoln biopic and a space travel flick

  6. got another flick i'm lookin foward to...Zack and Miri Make a Porno!

  7. I Support No Country for Old MenDecember 30, 2007 at 12:30 AM

    Revolutionary Road, Dark Knight, Burn After Reading, In Burges, The Curious Case for Benjamin Button, Half Blood Prince, Saw V, Body of Lies, City of Ember, and Bond 22.

    ...btw, I never watched Saw I, so the likelihood of me watching Saw 5 is slimmer than ashley olsen or mary kate, whichever one had an eating disorder.

  8. anytime Bond comes out, it's a good year....and i'm sure this will kill my credibility but i happy to enjoy the SAW franchise for what it is...

  9. Here is my top anticipated 10:
    1. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    2. Burn After Reading
    3. –°hoke
    4. Revolutionary Road
    5. Transsiberian
    6. RocknRolla
    7. Mammoth
    8. Righteous Kill
    9. The Lovely Bones
    10. The Changeling
    also there is around 50 titles i can't wait to see

  10. very nice....pretty comprehensive i think

  11. In no particular order:

    The Dark Knight (loved the original, trailer looks promising)
    The Lovely Bones (loved the book, cast and crew looks exciting)
    21 (love Kevin Spacey)
    Iron Man (love the cast, but we'll see)
    Charlie Bartlett (been looking forward to it since last year, when it was supposed to come out)
    Winged Creatures (awe-inspiringly good cast)
    Choke (love Palahuinik (sp?))
    Bond 22 (loved Casino Royale)
    State of Play (it sounded cooler with Brad Pitt and Ed Norton in the leads, but it's still a cool premise even with Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck as replacements)
    Body of Lies (cast and crew always merits attention)
    RockNRolla (seriously, when was the last time Guy Ritchie made a good film? This could be it)
    Righteous Kill (loved Heat, and it can only go so wrong with these two leads)

  12. damn straight myles...seems like a good year to come...though i'm not sure at all of the academy award contenders.....seems like the year of the better than average blockbuster lol