December 30, 2007

Joey's 25 Best Movies of the Year

Figured I should pop up and let everyone see my list like any good (aspiring) critic

First, some of the movies are placed on the list in odd spots on purpose, to attempt to stimulate responses from you guys (yes, i know it's weird)

Second, these are the honorable mentions for the year:

Across The Universe
The Bucket List
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
The Great Debaters
I'm Not There
Margot at the Wedding
Michael Clayton

and now......the list!

1. Into the Wild

2. Knocked Up

3. Gone Baby Gone

4. Juno

5. Grindhouse

6. Charlie Wilson's War

7. No Country for Old Men

8. Once

9. The Lookout

10. Superbad

11. Zodiac

12. There Will Be Blood

13. Sweeney Todd

14. 3:10 to Yuma

15. Black Snake Moan

16. Rescue Dawn

17. American Gangster

18. Eastern Promises

19. Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

20. Lars and the Real Girl

21. Atonement

22. Death at a Funeral

23. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

24. Hairspray

25. Southland Tales


  1. Southland Tales...really? I'll go past that, but I do like this list. I like that you went with movies that weren't suppose to draw awards i.e Knocked Up, Grindhouse, Superbad. I can't wait to see Gone Baby Gone though. Maybe it will make my top 10 too

  2. Gone Baby Gone is a tremendous movie....and Southland Tales was just so insane and weird that it fit my tastes.....i'd always rather see an interesting failure than a boring's those damn boring failures that piss me off (i'm looking at you Reservation Road)

  3. Great list Joey, the only film on your list that I found to be less than good was Death At A funeral, didn't find it that good or funny, pretty boring, but every other film is a good choice.

  4. thank you sir....i'm a sucker for english humor...aside from that, yea, i think i had a fairly comprehensive list...though it seems like no one else has listed Into the Wild as the #1 of the year...but that makes me unique

  5. I just saw Rescue Dawn and while it was not the type of movie I would pick up, I'm glad I did. C.B. was great but I think Steve Zahn deserves a nomination for his performance.

  6. it's what i would call an acting showcase...and they elevate the movie from a solid POW flick to something special

  7. Great list! I also had Into the Wild as my #1, I thought it was a beautifully made film. While I had some minor disagreements with the list, I actually think you have good taste!

  8. thank you sir....if you have a quibble with the list, feel free to bring it up, i'm always game....though i'll defend myself by saying that sometimes when i see a movie a second time i like it better, so something i've only seen once can on occasion not resonate as strongly as something i've seen multiple times does

  9. My only real criticism beyond the minor rankings of films would be Black Snake Moan at 15. I thought it was a good movie until the part where Justin Timberlake enters the room with a gun while Samuel L. Jackson was singing, after that part, I felt like the director didn't and/or writer didn't know what to do next, which caused the ending to be very weak.

    Other than that film, I really did like the list. I liked the mentions of The Lookout and Grindhouse (darn Harvey Weinstein for ruining a good thing...), it was very similar to my top 10 list.

  10. i liked the movie enough to overlook the problems with the ending...when i've written screenplays in the past i always struggle with the ending, so perhaps i'm a bit too forgiving...The Lookout was woefully underseen and i think there's about 50 million more bucks that Grindhouse coulda made if marketed better

  11. very happy to see Southland Tales and Grinhouse on your list. I would also add Enchanted, A Mighty Heart, and Beowulf on my list. But agree with quite a lot of your choices.

  12. thank you kindly...good choices on your end as well

  13. Haha, there's that Lookout love! Great list, nice to see a fellow fan of Gone Baby Gone, Grindhouse, and Zodiac.

  14. thank you sir....and yes, The Lookout deserves much love, as do all the films on the list