January 12, 2009

Film in 09...

Hey all, just quickly throwing out to everyone a quick question....What film(s) are you looking forward to seeing in 2009? This is a little late, but it's still something I wanted to get everyone's take on.
-Personally, this is my top 10, in no particular order:
1. Watchmen
2. Funny People
3. Inglorious Basterds
4. Shutter Island
5. Up
6. Where The Wild Things Are
7. Jennifer's Body
8. Avatar (Cameron's)
9. The Lovely Bones
10. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
-Honorable mention to Star Trek, Public Enemies, Sherlock Holmes, The Green Zone, The Human Factor, State of Play, Observe and Report, Adventureland, Youth in Revolt, and Terminator: Salvation.....what about you guys and gals?


  1. nice list! for me it's 9, A Christmas Carol, Avatar, 2012, and Where The Wild Things Are

  2. where the wild things are and Watchmen are my two must-sees

  3. THE ROAD!!!! Can't wait!

  4. don't hate me, but...SAW VI

  5. This Side of the Truth

  6. I Love You, Man fo sho....also 9, Coraline, Up, Where The Wild Things Are, Shutter Island, 2012, and also SAW 6, so sue me

  7. gotta confess, I'll be seeing the latest SAW come the end of October as well, I honestly just forgot to put it on my list

  8. Whiteout and The Taking of Pelham 123

  9. 9; this looks harrowing, bleak and simply awesome
    Ponyo on the Cliff; love anime

    also... the Imaginarium of doctor parnissus, the Wolfman, Ashecliffe, Where the wild things are, Up, Bad Meat, the Road, I come with the rain, Public enemies, the Coffin, Transformers2, Coraline and Push.

    Can't really feel the love for Watchmen, as i'm one of those ppl who adore the graphic novel

  10. Watchmen interests me as much as anything in seeing if they can pull it off

  11. Inglourious Basterds
    Shutter Island
    Star Trek
    Public Enemies
    Green Zone
    Transformers 2
    Terminator: Salvation
    Lovely Bones
    Funny People
    A Serious Man
    GI Joe(I know and I dont care!)


  12. Leaves Of Grass with Edward Norton playing two different people, one a stoner the other a college proff. Also, Love Ranch, Tree Of Life ( hope it gets a 09 release ) Nine ( has to be interesting to see DDL sing- great cast too ) Coen's A Serious Man, The Soloist and The Road.

    The rest of your list I completely agree on.

  13. why the hell hasn't anyone said X-Men Origins: Wolverine??? It's going to be huge!!!!! can't wait

  14. Thanks greatflick...and Wolverine had such a troubled production that might be scaring people off

  15. Sunshine Cleaning!!