January 13, 2009

A Long Trailer-Like Video for "I Love You Phillip Morris"

This flick will be playing at Sundance, and has some star power, as you can see below
-Seems rather quirky...interesting to you folks at all?


  1. I think a little piece of me just died inside.

    Thanks for trying, Milk, but I think this movie is going to single-handedly undermine gay cinema, and is guaranteed to offend virtually everyone by mere association.

  2. First off, this movie looks confused in the beginning. Is it about some straight guy who is "learning" to be gay now? Is it him being a con man? Or is it him just falling in love with another guy? Whatever direction, it looks terrible and very offensive

    You're absolutely right Myles. It really seems like gay cinema has the toughest time trying to prove themselves to audiences. For every Brokeback Mountain or Milk that takes a step forward, we get this or Chuck and Larry that takes three steps back.

  3. I wouldn't put this into Chuck and Larry land yet, but it does seem to be painting with a less subtle brush, so to speak