April 8, 2010

Could Ralph Fiennes be "gunning" for an Oscar with his directorial debut?

Well, it could have potential for it, especially on the heels of The Hurt Locker. For anyone not in the know, it's a modern adaptation of Shakespeare's play Coriolanus. Well, here's some word from First Showing on the first look at the flick:

Whoa! Last year it was announced that actor Ralph Fiennes would be making his debut as a director on a contemporary adaptation of William Shakespeare's play Coriolanus. At the time, we didn't actually know how contemporary it would be, but thanks to these first photos from the set in Serbia, it looks like Fiennes has actually set his film around the Iraq war. Action blog 30 Ninjas has the scoop on the photos, which come from the first week's battle scenes in the Serbian city of Pancevo. Fiennes is also starring in this as the lead along with Gerard Butler, Brian Cox, William Hurt, Eddie Marsan, Jessica Chastain & Vanessa Redgrave.

Obviously comparisons are already being made to The Hurt Locker, especially because that took home the Best Picture Oscar earlier this year, and an Iraq war movie combined with Shakespeare instantly sounds like more Oscar bait. The story in Coriolanus follows Roman military leader Caius Martius, who returns home from a war against the Volscans as a war hero with a new last name, Coriolanus, given for the city which he conquered. However, he is banished from Rome as a traitor. Coriolanus then allies with a sworn enemy to take his revenge on the city of Rome. I'm not sure how that will fit into the Iraq war, but I'm already excited.

-Sounds very interesting (and more images from the film can be found here)...thoughts?


  1. I can see this being either amazing or awful, but suffice to say, I'm interested in seeing it...

  2. In spite of your terrible pun that only loosely makes sense in the context of the post, I'm incredibly interested in this project. Ralph Fiennes is one of my favorite actors, and with a strong supporting cast and an intriguing premise, this could be one to look out for.

  3. But in terms of the project...it's something different, and that always gets points in my book.

  4. Definitely an interesting concept, and I'm interested in seeing it, but I agree with you Joey -- it could really go both ways.

    As far as the supporting cast is concerned, the majority of it sounds promising, but I utterly hate Gerard Butler. Thus far, I have not seen a single performance of his that I liked...

  5. Yes sir.

    P.S. I Love You is probably the only one of his I enjoyed...

  6. Coriolanus is easily my least favorite of Shakespeare's plays, and I don't think I'm alone, which leaves it ripe for the picking. Often times the best adaptations are of flawed stories (ex. To Have and Have Not), especially if they undergo a major overhaul. They don't have all the hype to live up to.

    It's an interesting story, one that not many people are familiar with. That and a very intriguing cast puts it on my radar.


  7. I'm honestly not big on Sheakespeare in general (the one time English major in me is ashamed, but the Cinema and Cultural Studies major in me tells that part to shut up and watch a movie, since that's what my degree was in)...but point well made sir.