April 5, 2010

Are Carey Mulligan and Saoirse Ronan joining Geoffrey Fletcher's directorial debut?

It appears so, according to this story from The Film Stage:

Geoffrey Fletcher, Oscar winner for penning Precious, is set to make his directorial debut this summer with the black-comedy Violet And Daisy. Saoirse Ronan and Carey Mulligan, who will make a stunning and talented combination, are attached to the lead roles.

Although there are very few details available as yet, the script, also by Fletcher, is being described as “Thelma and Louise” meets “Superbad” and “Pulp Fiction” with “plenty of action and lots of girl power.” (The Playlist) While a description like that would normally equate to a cringe-worthy two hours in the making, the thought of Ronan and Mulligan as a powerful female duo is entertaining to say the least. Fletcher’s scripting abilities are also another positive element to consider.

A filming schedule doesn’t seem to be set, but according to Showbiz 411 Violet and Daisy could start pre-production sometime this summer:



  1. It sounds pretty interesting, if potentially awful. I'd see it though...

  2. I think that the talent involved (I only mean Ronan and Mulligan) could make it potentially watchable, but based on "Precious", I think that Geoffrey Fletcher is a terrible writer, and I have no idea why he won his Oscar. Overall, I'd swing to the side saying that this will be awful, but I may see it just for the performances...

  3. I disliked his script for Precious too, but more disliked the direction of the flick than the writing.

    As for this, I'm open minded, though I'm prepared for the worst...something attracted those actresses, though.

  4. I agree with you that the worst thing about "Precious" (other than the pretentious cinematography) was the direction. However, all actors, including many of the best, have been attracted to bad material in their careers...

  5. True words have never been spoken...