April 10, 2010

Is Disney already planning a sequel to 'Tron Legacy'?

Well, this story in The Hollywood Reporter seems to think so:

“Tron Legacy” isn’t due until December, but Disney already is putting a sequel on its monorail track.

Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, the “Lost” writers/executive producers who worked on “Legacy,” have begun writing a sequel to the studio’s sci-fi tentpole.

No details have been released because it is so early in the process. Notwithstanding the question of whether the movie will be a hit, other topics to ponder are whether the sequel will focus on spinoff characters or center on a new adventure set in the “Tron” world. Insiders have suggested that Kitsis and Horowitz are working on a way to round the story into a trilogy.

No deals have been made with “Legacy” director Joseph Kosinski or cast members to return, though options were placed in the original deals, and Disney surely would hope to reunite all the elements if “Legacy” proves to be a hit. Also needing to be figured out is who would produce a sequel. Sean Bailey, a producer on “Legacy,” is now Disney’s president of production.

Still, with Bailey as production head and WME-repped Kitsis and Horowitz writing more “Tron,” Disney seems to be believe in what they have.

-I hope this is a sign of the film being good, but you never know...thoughts?


  1. I'm indifferent to this, but quality is always nice...

  2. This is probably a stupid question: what does it mean when something says "WME-repped"?

  3. It stands for William Morris Endeavor...it's the person in question's representation.