April 6, 2010

It might be the worst week for DVD in the history of the column...

...but I'm still bringing it to you, painful as this week may in fact be. My choice for the PICK OF THE WEEK came down to either a mediocre to bad film or a bad to awful film (since I don't want to highlight a double dip or direct to DVD fare), so I went with the lesser of two evils (though both made my Bottom 10 of 2009 list). It is:
The Collector
Hardcore horror fans need only apply, since I'm fairly big into horror and this was tasteless enough to turn me off. It's well made enough, but it just goes over the line for me and is pointless gore that just got on my nerves. That being said, it's slightly better than my other option for the week...
-That other option being Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. I know a lot of people found this film to be good, but I thought that outside of a nicely wacky Nicholas Cage performance, it was absolutely dreadful. If you were a fan, go pick it up and enjoy though, don't let me stop you.
-To make up for the dearth of good choices, I'll forgo making my Vintage pick this week tie into a new release and instead just list 10 good movies I recommend seeing if you haven't already (these might be repeats of former picks, but just go with it). They are: American Pie, Blast From the Past, How To Kill Your Neighbor's Dog, Imaginary Heroes, In the Bedroom, Leaving Las Vegas, Real Genius, Reign Over Me, Talk Radio, and We Were Soldiers. Enjoy!
-What will you be watching on DVD this week?


  1. I loved Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. It was so bizarre and audacious, I just couldn't help but be delighted at not only Nic Cage's performance (which may be his most entertaining yet) but at the whole demented spectacle.

    "His soul's still dancin'!"

  2. It just rubbed me the wrong way. It was unnecessary and haphazardly made.

  3. But as I said, I understand it appealing to people, I just didn't dig.