April 9, 2010

'The Kids Are All Right' gets a Poster and a Trailer!

-I gotta say, I loved this trailer...thoughts?


  1. Heard about this film a little while ago and this trailer only increases my excitement over it. Really want to see it.

  2. Not going to lie... this looks like a real winner. Also, while I would love to see Mark Ruffalo get into the Oscar race one year, I think this movies real shot is in the screenplay category.

  3. So far, I've heard that it combines the heavy and the funny really well, and it could certainly be a player in a bunch of categories, but we shall see...

  4. I agree with all of you, this could be a great movie and I'm reall looking forward to it. But I must say that I really don't like the poster, way too many words.

  5. Indeed, I'm looking forward to it in a big way now.

  6. Finally, there's a trailer! I've been waiting forever.

    First of all, the scene at 2:15-2:16, where they're hugging, is the scene where I was an extra. It was shot at Occidental College (though I think it's standing in for like Stanford or something) and I even watched them film that shot. Pretty weird to see it in the trailer. I walked past those yellow bars everyday to get to the cafeteria (I went to camp there). This may be a possible spoiler, but all they told us was that this scene is when they're dropping off their daughter at college and is the emotional climax of the movie.

    Now, for my thoughts on the trailer: looks pretty good. Mark Ruffalo looks amazing, as do Moore and Bening (and even the daughter). In fact, it looks like they did a pretty good job playing the mothers as two real people, and regular parents, instead of lesbian stereotypes (having also been raised by two lesbian mothers, but not through insemination). Also seems to be pretty funny yet emotionally touching. My only issue though is that it seems like by making Mark Ruffalo so cool, adding in a cliche subplot where he + Moore have a little fling (why was that necessary? - it just seems so out of her character + added because someone felt uncomfortable with the gay issue), and having the kids think it's weird and seem to be wanting a father figure, almost seems to give those who are homophobic a chance to not like the lesbian couple, when this could've been a really great opportunity to show how they're no different than any straight couple you know. Not that I'm saying they're not doing that, because obviously I haven't seen it, and from the looks of it they are trying to show how human, and relatively normal, their relationship is, but those factors could still allow the homophobes to target against them. Will definitely be looking forward to seeing this.

    Also, the daughter's friend is hot.

  7. I was really surprised by the trailer, especially since it's the kind of concept that could end up working extremely well or terribly. Overall, I'd have to say that it looks like a success.

    The entire cast looks fantastic, and I'm not sure who's performance of the big three I'm looking forward to seeing the most...

  8. Finally Yeah!
    As I comment in other blog...

    So far, even though I do not want to, I found Annette Bening performance more radical than Moore´s but that can be just a first look perception.

    On the other hand I am surprised or at least I was not expecting to that much comedy, or at least so they are selling it that way, I guess.
    Julian Moore is one of my favorite actresses and this film was on the top of my 2010 list since late last year, however , this advance seems to tell me (beside the date of Release), that its not flawless.
    Something more to say, I think the subject is what is interesting not sure about the script/screen play, im some parts sounds kinda a teenage film...

    My respects and as Joey says we shall see...

  9. And Joshua and Joseph...once the movie is out we'll be able to judge it better, but I think it's safe to say that it has potential...