April 6, 2010

Podcast #1 - 2010 Film Preview

Listen to the latest Podcast from The Awards Circuit Staff on the 2010 upcoming film slate. Discuss any films you would like in the comment section below or on the Message Boards.

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  1. in the tru grit remake article, spolier alert pleaseeeee

  2. Well, True Grit is a remake of a movie that in turn was based on a novel, so I suppose John assumes most people will or should have seen it already, but then again, never assume, I guess...

  3. The True Grit article kind of serves that purpose for now.

    Our pleasure!

  4. Just listened to the podcast, and in reference to "Morning Glory", I saw it a couple of months ago at a preview screening. The film itself is between decent and good, with a strong (yet uneven) performance by McAdams, a really strong performance by Ford, and solid turns from the rest of the cast. In all honesty, Harrison Ford is the only person to really look out for in the race. Goldbloom is good in it, but it's not a Oscar type of comedic supporting role.

    Also, Joey, I completely agree with you about "Fear and Loathing" -- there are some elements of the film which are brilliant, and others which make no sense whatsoever. In a way, almost all of Terry Gilliam's films are a mess, but there's just enough creativity to recommend them. He's never made a clean film...

  5. Fair enough. It's a shot in the dark, you know?

    Indeed. It makes him interesting, but I think it hurts his films all the same...

  6. Yea, I understand, especially since some people (incorrectly) may see it as a return to form for screwball comedies, but it's far from that. It's an entertaining film, with some very funny moments, but Ford and McAdams have a lot of fun with their characters. In all honesty, I don't see it in the running for anything, but if it does end up with anything, it'll be constricted to the Golden Globes.

    Yea, the proper response to most of Gilliam's films is a question mark, but you still respect the man for his vision and creativity.