April 9, 2010

Richard Roeper gives out his Report Card for the first quarter of 2010!

Take a gander:

And as a bonus, here's my top 10 of 2010 so far, along with my bottom 5:

Top 10:
1. Greenberg
2. Shutter Island
3. The Exploding Girl
4. The Ghost Writer
5. Hot Tub Time Machine
6. The Runaways
7. Fish Tank
8. The Crazies
9. Green Zone
10. Cop Out

Bottom 5:
1. Remember Me
2. The Bounty Hunter
3. The Wolfman
4. From Paris With Love
5. The Book of Eli



  1. I'd give 2010 a solid B so far, and here are my awards for the year so far:

    Best Picture- Greenberg
    Best Director- Martin Scorsese for Shutter Island
    Best Actor- Ben Still for Greenberg
    Best Actress- Zoe Kazan for The Exploding Girl
    Best Supporting Actor- Pierce Brosnan for The Ghost Writer
    Best Supporting Actress- Dakota Fanning for The Runaways
    Best Original Screenplay- Greenberg
    Best Adapted Screenplay- The Ghost Writer

  2. I'd agree with most of his comments. Here's my own personal scorecard so far:

    Best Picture: Kick-Ass
    Best Director: Martin Scorsese, Shutter Island
    Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio, Shutter Island
    Best Actress: Noomi Rapace, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
    Best Supporting Actor: (tie) Pierce Brosnan, The Ghost Writer & Nicolas Cage, Kick-Ass
    Best Supporting Actress: Olivia Williams, The Ghost Writer
    Best Original Screenplay: Terribly Happy (technically 2006 but I saw it this year and haven't seen many other original screenplays so far this year)
    Best Adapted Screenplay: The Red Riding Trilogy

  3. Good picks, though I could have guessed...

  4. so far its all about shutter island so far

  5. Indeed, though it's the type of film I'd hope doesn't make my year end top 10, if only because it would be a sad statement about the rest of 2010's releases...

  6. Shutter Island would definitely rank among my personal list of the year's worst, or at the very least most disappointing. So far I haven't seen anything amazing that isn't an international carryover from last year just making its way stateside, i.e. A Prophet, Fish Tank, etc. I guess if I had to hold a personal Oscars right now it would be (based on U.S. release):

    Best Picture - A Prophet
    Best Director - Jacques Audiard for A Prophet
    Best Actor - Tahar Rahim for A Prophet
    Best Actress - Katie Jarvis for Fish Tank
    Best Supporting Actor - Michael Fassbender for Fish Tank
    Best Supporting Actress - Patricia Clarkson for Shutter Island
    Best Original Screenplay - The Square
    Best Adapted Screenplay - The Ghost Writer

  7. My top three so far are Shutter Island, The Ghost Writer and How to Train Your Dragon.

  8. But I have a lot I still need to see that isn't near me yet... Like Greenberg!

  9. Worst 4 Pictures of the Year So Far:

    1) The Last Song
    2) Dear John
    3) The Bounty Hunter
    4) Wolfman

    Top Picks

    1) Shutter Island
    2) Valentine's Day
    3) Remember Me
    4) Edge of Darkness
    5) She's Out of My League

  10. Well, I agree that The Bounty Hunter and Wolfman are among the worse, and that Shutter Island and She's Out of my League are among the best, but I found Valentine's Day to be mediocre, Edge of Darkness to only be decent, and Remember Me to suck out loud. I haven't seen The Last Song or Dear John, but from the looks of it I'm not missing much...