April 3, 2010

Today's Trailers: My Own Love Song, Splice, Solitary Man, and The A-Team!

First up we have a look at Renee Zellweger's latest attempt to get back in our good graces, the road trip flick 'My Own Love Song':

Next up we have the well cast sci-fi horror flick 'Splice':

Following that we have Michael Douglas in 'Solitary Man' (excuse the minute or so of the Italian movie show thing that plays before it, until I find a better link):

Finally, we have the theatrical version of 'The A-Team':



  1. I reckon people are either going to applaud/reward Renee and Forest for "My Own Love Song" or absolutely destroy them. I'm leaning towards the latter as it seems a little stereotypical Oscar bait, but with a director who helped Marion Cotillard win an Oscar, who knows!

  2. It's the worst of the 4 trailers, but the one I wanted to like the most, mainly because of Dylan.

  3. Very true. And man I hope when I'm Michael Douglas's age I can land roles like that. I mean, geez, who is writing this material for him! Haha

  4. In the case of Solitary Man, it's Brian Koppelman...

  5. I thought that "My Own Love Song" looked like the most tasteless bit of trashy Oscar bait I've ever seen. I think that both Whitaker and Witherspoon looked horrendous in it, and it was very hard to even watch the trailer just out of embarrassment for Whitaker. Having said that, some of the songs sounded great, so I guess that of all aspects of the film could garner some recognition.

    Both "Splice" and "Solitary Man" look completely fine, nothing bad nothing good.

    "The A-Team", on the other hand, looks AMAZING. I'm now anticipating it as much as "The Expendables" now. What can Liam Neeson not do?

  6. One thin he can't do...save 'Chloe' from mediocrity.

  7. Lol. One of my friends also came up with "He can't kill Darth Maul..."

  8. Solitary Man looks to be another good performance for Douglas to add on, but I also think the rest of the cast (Fischer, Devito, and Eisenberg) make it a movie worth... I'll go see anything with Jenna Fischer in it though.

    But HA did that "He can't kill Darth Maul" take me back to when I was 9, I'm twenty now.

    I've been following Brad Cooper's career since Alias, and his little known film debut in Wet Hot American Summer, and his short lived show Kitchen Confidential. He's one of those actors whose talent make you want to see his movies. Not to mention Joe Carnahan (the director) knows how to handle his action movies.

  9. My Own Love Song did look a bit "try hard" - man with speech impediment who talks to ghosts, woman who can sing but gave it up, as well as a child, and ends up in a wheel chair. And did I see someone crying with fireworks going off? Maybe it's too much.

    Solitary Man does nothing at all for me - have a had time tolerating Michael Douglas at the best of times (though loved him in Wonder Boys), so that one does nothing for me.

    Splice looks entertaining.

    The A Team looks like fun, and obviously I am going to have to really suspend my disbelief during some of the action sequences. :-)

  10. Agreed about all but Solitary Man, I think it looks decent enough...