October 12, 2009

The 2004 ACCA Nominations are announced, plus some new reviews!

Indeed, the new updates to the Main Page begin with the nominations for the ACCA for 2004, so anyone curious what you the voters thought were the nomination worthy films of 2004 were need only look right here to see what the results are. Get ready to start voting again for the winners on Friday!
We also have some new reviews for everyone, beginning with an early review of Trucker. We also have new reviews of The Damned United and Pandorum, along with another review of the sleeper hit Paranormal Activity. Go here to see all the reviews we have for you.
-What are you thoughts on the 2004 ACCA nominations and the new reviews?


  1. Enjoy the nominations and reviews!

  2. Haha, Eternal Sunshine finaly getting it's due!

    I really strugle to think of another movie that I like as much.

  3. Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised to see Eternal Sunshine and Kill Bill, Vol. 2 get all the nominations. I think the new system works much better than the old. I'm excited to vote for the winners this weekend.


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  5. Indeed, it should turn out interestingly