October 7, 2009

Today's News: Adrien Brody to hunt and be hunted by 'Predators', get ready for more 'Vacation', and more...

In the news:

'Predators', the reinvention of the Predator flicks has grabbed Adrien Brody to star in the lead role, a surprise pick, to say the least.

Prepare for a sequel of sorts to the 'Vacation' franchise of films, this one to focus on Clark Griswold's son as the protagonist of the film.

Samuel L. Jackson is going the nonfiction route for the basis of his next film, this time playing an ex con who develops an unlikely relationship with an art dealer.

The former Tom Cruise vehicle (no pun intended) 'Motorcade' has signed on a director and is now courting Ryan Reynolds to star in it.

Finally, Disney has bought a script about a magical film projector, obviously a documentary about the few remaining enchanted projectors left (cue the sarcasm meter).


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