October 18, 2009

Today's News: It's a wild rumpus of a weekend for Where the Wild Things Are, Will Ferrell goes the indie route for his next film, and more....

In the news:

'Where the Wild Things Are' was #1 at the box office this weekend, opening well above projections with almost $33 million.

The next project for Will Ferrell will be an independent film based on a Raymond Carver story, called 'Everything Must Go'.

Robert Redford continues to add some impressive cast members to his upcoming period piece about the events after Lincoln's assassination, including Tom Wilkinson, Evan Rachel Wood, and Kevin Kline.

Finally, if you're curious to compare 'Paranormal Activity' to 'The Blair Witch Project', then this article is the one for you.



  1. Redford's movie looks like it will be one to reckon with. I'm very excited.