October 8, 2009

The planned biopic of Richard Pryor finds a leading man, the 'Venom' spinoff finds a director, and more...

In the news:

Bill Condon will finally get to make his Richard Pryor movie, with Marlon Wayans playing the legendary comic (and with Adam Sandler producing), replacing the long rumored Eddie Murphy in the role.

The upcoming 'Venom' movie (written by the 'Zombieland' scribes) finds a director to re-write and direct the project.

It appears that Topher Grace may be in the sights of some Predators, joining Adrien Brody in the upcoming action flick/reboot of sorts.

Universal Pictures has set up two films to be star vehicles for Isla Fisher, hoping to continue to strengthen her career.



  1. Pumped to see Marlon in this role with a chance to show off his dramatic talent again. Supposedly he completely blew away the producers by disappearing into Pryor during the audition. At least we'll finally get to see if Requiem was actually him or just Aronofsky.

  2. He has some talent. He was great in Requiem, so as Mitch mentioned, let's see if he can shine in another film.