October 13, 2009

Let the Category Confusion Begin....

Over at The Envelope, the discussion has begun about the category placement of certain individuals through awards season. You can read it HERE.

The article speaks about Meryl Streep being possibly moved to Supporting for Julie & Julia, so that she doesn't split with It's Complicated. I think either way you slice it Streep gets nominated. Her star power is just way too strong. The Nine ladies are also in a bit of dilemma, with Marion Cotillard being pushed Lead with Penelope Cruz and Judi Dench in the supporting arena. It's a smart move since Cotillard has been one to watch for a nomination for her July release Public Enemies along with megastar Johnny Depp. Penelope Cruz also has the Pedro Almodovar film Broken Embraces in which she's been said to give an awards worthy performance.

The Last Station, a late entry into the Oscar race as of a few weeks ago, have had their strategy expressed on the web. Christopher Plummer, who plays "Tolstoy," will be campaigned supporting, which increases his chances immensely. This hurts James McAvoy, who has yet to be recognized by Oscar yet, since he's going Lead and unless it's a out-of-the-ballpark performance (which I'm hearing it isn't) that category is stacked. Co-star Helen Mirren is still said to be Lead.

A few things that weren't mentioned in the article is the placement of The Lovely Bones ladies. Is the lead in the story (Saoirse Ronan who plays "Susie Salmon") going Lead or Supporting? Susan Sarandon is definitely supporting at this point but Rachel Weisz is pretty much out of the game if she's campaigned in Lead Actress. People love citing the Steven Spielberg comment that Ronan will "win the Oscar for Supporting Actress." We'll see.

There has also been an interest to move Up in the Air star Vera Farmiga from supporting to Lead. This nearly destroys her chances unless critics really jump on board with the notion. Kendrick would be clear for Oscar if it did happen, however.

Other smart moves out there (not yet discussed but if you're reading Movie Studios, listen carefully) would be moving Natalie Portman supporting for Brothers, which would increase her chances. Not sure if Hollywood sees Portman as a Leading Lady yet. I'm on the fence about Peter Sarsgaard for An Education. It could go either way, but in supporting he competes against Alfred Molina who's said to stand out more than Sarsgaard. And there's always such a fear inside of me of Stanley Tucci missing out due to vote split with his performance in The Lovely Bones and Julie & Julia. Of all the acting players this year, I'm the most excited to see him nominated. We'll wait on the word...


  1. Ironically, Kendrick's character is in the first 3 quarters of the movie much more than Farmiga's is, though she's more important as the film progresses, so only Farmiga could go Lead, but it really isn't an accurate depiction, but hey, I don't decide these things, though we shall see what happens...

  2. I think that if Marion Cotillard and Vera Farmiga are bumped to lead than supporting actress would be wide open. I know Marion Cotillard's character has been beefed up and was already the biggest of the large female cast (she also has as many musical numbers as Daniel now) but it's getting crowded in lead actress, and it would be unfair if she had a borderline lead/supporting role and missed out on a nomination even if she is the standout (which according to test screenings, she and Penelope are the ones people can't stop talking about) Plus, she also gave an excellent performance in Public Enemies, though I don't think that will happen given the muted response to the film overall, no matter how good she was. For having a good year, she may unfortunately come up with nothing in awards season other than maybe a Globe nod.

    Same for Vera Farmiga. I haven't read the script or seen Up in the Air but everyone talks about it's not quite a lead. Which sucks for her because again, not only is lead actress getting quite crowded, but its harder to get a nomination in lead, and I don't think she has enough clout to get in even though she has been snubbed a few times in the past (Down to the Bone, Nothing But the Truth, and if you ask me The Departed)

    And then the question is, who's left? Mo'Nique and Julianne Moore seem to be the only ones who seem to be likely nominees at this point. And then there's Penelope and maybe another Nine lady but it hasn't been reviewed and seen by few, and none of the other Nine ladies have gotten the great word of mouth that Marion and Penelope have.

    And of course The Lovely Bones is the biggest question mark. Frankly, I don't see Rachel Weisz or Susan Sarandon getting in (as much as I love them) but maybe it's just because I have a bad vibe about the film as a whole.

    I'm just tired of category fraud.

  3. Also I don't know where I read it, I think InContention, but Saoirse Ronan is confirmed to be in Lead.