October 28, 2009

Variety takes a look at the positives of the Best Picture expansion...

...which can be found here. It's the first of a two part article, and is a good read, if a little late in the game, so to speak.


  1. A little positivity never hurt anybody...

  2. To be truthful...I have warmed up to the idea of 10 nominees (a little).

    Im not saying I'm a fan, but I think I'm willing to see how it plays out.

    However, I really wanted to see Pixar get a best picture nod when there were only 5 films being nominated...but oh well.

    Personally, Up is my favorite thing Ive seen all year, and since it has been such a weak year for movies (so far) its shot at winning may not be as impossible as we think.

  3. We shall see...if it's a decent 10, it'll all be good