October 27, 2009

Today's News: Woody Allen's latest gets a title, some more actor's circle the Coens' remake of 'True Grit', and more...

In the news:

It appears that the next Woody Allen film has a title at last, and that title in question is 'You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger'.

The Coen Brothers are going ahead with their remake of 'True Grit', and it seems that Matt Damon and Josh Brolin might be going along for the ride with Jeff Bridges.

It seems that the next project for Steve Carell will be a golf comedy, one that he will be producing as well as starring in.

Finally, the remake of 'Short Circuit' has found a director, and it's one with some experience directing a movie about a certain mall cop...



  1. A Coen Brothers movie with Matt Damon, as well as reteaming with The Dude and Llewelyn Moss. I don't think my brain can handle such potential greatness.


  2. I dunno if I like the new Woody Allen title: it's too wordy. Still excited for the cast though.

    I'm gonna go ahead and suggest True Grit as decidedly in contention for next year's Oscars.

  3. I know I'm a fool, but I'm more excited for Woody's movie than the Coens, but like I said...fool=Joey