October 2, 2009

Today's Trailers: The Young Victoria, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, The Crazies, and Tooth Fairy

First up is the period piece/Oscar hopeful 'The Young Victoria':

Next we have the next bad sequel idea, this one 'Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel':

We follow that with the remake of the George A. Romero flick 'The Crazies':

Finally, we watch one of the worst trailers in a long time, a film by the name of 'Tooth Fairy':



  1. The Young Victoria has already left the cinemas down here in Australia but I am yet to see it. Looking forward to it being on DVD.

    If Alvin 2 is better than the first that can only be a good thing. So long as it isn't formulaic, it'll be okay for me. I can lower my expectations.

    The Crazies looks good. Looking forward to that. Love the use of the song Mad World in the trailer.

    Tooth Fairy could be entertaining or just formulaic and boring. Someone take some of the vaseline off the camera so I can see Julie Andrews better - she's a godess and I would like to see her clearly - she doens't need that shit.

  2. That Alvin and the Chipmunks trailer made me want to cry. But I was able to hold it back...that is, until I saw the trailer for Tooth Fairy.

    Those trailers are so absurdly formulaic, I just don't understand how audiences are so willing to unleashe all of their money into such schlock like that and 2012 and the like in such hard times. Yowza...

  3. As far as "The Tooth Fairy" is concerned, nothing more can be said about how f***ing terrible it looks. Nonetheless, I CANNOT believe that such a group of talented actors actually took a paycheck to make such a piece of crap film. Especially Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who really is a talented actor and could be doing such better things for himself.

    I wanted to throw up after the "Alvin..." (I just physically can't say the title).

    However, I'd like to retort to Anthony, since I personally think that "2012" looks like a bad movie, it looks so entertaining. It's one of those kinda films, in my opinion, that was literally made to have fun.

    "The Young Victoria" trailer was completely fine and meh, but I actually really like the trailer for "The Crazies".

  4. Oh, I don't disagree. Being a huge fan of disaster movies, 2012 does look like a damn good time, if nothing else than for the visuals. Where I tend to get frustrated is when such incredible visuals and beautiful special effects get wasted on a script that is so godawfully bad. Have you seen the first minute long clip of the Antonov Cargo Plane crashing in the mountains and them escaping via Bentley. The product placement was so blatant and gratuitious, the timing was off. I wouldn't care if it was funny or humorous, but it simply wasn't. It was trying way too hard. The acting was in no way buyable. It was as if it was a self-parody minus the humor. But hey, like I say the visuals are worth it. I just can't help but think that somewhere, someplace a MUCH MUCH better script is written out the the thousands submitted each year that sets out to achieve the same goal and accomplishes it in so many ways that I strongly doubt 2012 will.

  5. The Crazies gives too much away, but is the best of the bunch

  6. Hahaha, here's a hilarious parody on the first trailer to 2012. Imagine the stroke of brilliance it would be if this were the REAL trailer and 2012 ended up being a true intentional self-parody of the disaster movie genre by Roland Emmerich himself. That would definately make me forgive him for 10,000 B.C. :)