October 15, 2009

Today's Trailers: Edge of Darkness and Dear John

Today we have two trailers, starting with Mel Gibson's return to acting in the Death Wish type flick 'Edge of Darkness':

We end with a completely different type of film though, the romance movie 'Dear John':



  1. neither looks great, but neither looks awful...

  2. Both look like popcorn films but I'd watch them. I was unsure how I'd go with Mel Gibspon back IN a film, but I think I could handle it. There's a kind of irony around his last statement in the trailer . . .

  3. I think Dear John will be decent. Tatum looks better than I thought he'd be (which I am glad about), but I wasn't really feeling any connection between him and Seyfried. I think the more compelling aspect of that story might be between Tatum and Jenkins...

    The Edge of Darkness looks good...nothing spectacular, but does look like a good popcorn movie I'd see.