October 16, 2009

Let the wild rumpus start!

Yes, today we finally have the long awaited release of Where the Wild Things Are. I've already saw it yesterday at the midnight screening, and I'll save my full thoughts for the review to come soon, but let this be known; whatever you think of the end result, it's a work of art.
-Use this space to comment on your thoughts of the film after you see it, what you hope it'll be like, what it was, any questions you want to ask me about it, or just anything Wild Things related.


  1. Seeing it tonight, and I am super excited. I hear its not really a children's film, but rather a film about childhood. That really sounds good to me, though I am sure there will be some obnoxious kids in whatever theatre I go to. What are your thoughts on awards chances? Possible Best Pic nominee? Tech nods?

  2. That's an accurate description...tech nods are for sure...Director should be in the conversation, Best Pic is not a given, but it's in play, and there could be a long shot Best Actor nod for Max Records

  3. Hmmm, as many great things as I am hearing about Max Recods, Best Actor is extremely crowded right now and only going to get more so as the fall goes on and performances like Morgan Freeman in Invictus and others finally are revealed. Is Invictus even going to be released this year? Do they even have a release date set?

    Critics seema bit divided on it from what I can see so far, so will box office be the determining factor for this as far as Best Pic goes? Jonze has been in the lone director spot before and he may get to show up here. Though I hope it turns out to be Bigelow's year after all. To this date, The Hurt Locker is still the best film I have seen all year, slightly above A Serious Man (I'll be seeing Precious and Up in the Air next weekend at Austin Film Festival).

    Anywho, Jonze himself has been getting a lot of mentions in reviews for making exactly the movie he wanted to make, not dumbing it down for the masses.

  4. The box office looks pretty good according to Friday estimates, so it'll be in the conversation it seems

  5. Just saw it tonight, loved it. The emotional depth behind every scene was really astonishing. I especially loved the scene at the end where Carol discovers the heart with the C in the middle of it. Truly amazing stuff. All I can really say is welcome back Spike Jonze. Like you said Joey, its a work of art.