October 10, 2009

Poster for Pirate Radio



  1. I cannot believe I have seen a movie before most of you people over there in the states! Pirate Radio, released as The Boat That Rocked (which I think is a much better title) is now on DVD out here. I absolutely loved this film! It rocks and I hope you all love it too. It just got udner my skin, with an awesome soundtrack, cool cast, and a funny and poignant story. Bill Nighy is brilliant!

  2. i'm definitely looking forward to it

  3. Yeah, I agree that The Boated That Rocked is a much better title. And, although I am looking forward to the movie, this poster looks horrible in my opinion. Its very cluttered. I remember seening a similar poster when it was still The Boat That Rocked that was very good in its simplicity. But, it seems as if they had some four year old change the title and add the credits at the bottom. The credits look like they were taken from another poster, it doesn't fit at all with this theme. Now that I'm done ranting, this movie does look hilarious.