August 8, 2009

The 2005 Awards Circuit Community Awards release their nominations!

Those who haven't already checked it out on the MAIN PAGE should do so immediately and prepare to vote for their top choice in each category. Find the nominations here.
Let us know what you think got shut out, what you think didn't get enough love, and what you think got too much love (a Best Picture nod for 'Transamerica'...really?).
-Overall, while it's not the nominees I would have chosen (I don't vote, but when we release our top 10's, you'll get a sense of what we at The Awards Circuit considered our favorites of 2005), it's not about what I think, it's about what all of you wanted, and you have definitely spoken!



  1. Let the debate begin...

    Besides the strange Transamerica nomination, and my distaste for Crash, the nominees were pretty solid, if a bit different than expected, which is a good thing.

    Have at it!

  2. As I posted on the message boards I think something has to be done to limit the number of times you can vote for a certain film in each category like you can vote for your 5 nominees 5 times. Or something because to me its fairly obvious someone must have just done transamerica over and over especially considering except for actress it showed up no where else...

  3. I don't suggestion would be to email Clayton about this

  4. I'll do the honest thing here and say I did vote in this more than once (as was allowed at the time), but I want everyone to know that the only thing I voted Transamerica for was Felicity Huffman. This isn't the first time the ACCA has had a weird Best Picture nomination: 2007 had Across the Universe, which I am still baffled by, as with Transamerica getting nominated. Even I'm saying, "really??"

  5. I personally have nothing against voting more than once, I just would assume people would end up voting for various films as opposed to honing in on just one, but that's me, and I don't vote

    And Josh, there's nothing wrong with it, you're allowed to vote as much as you like, so no worries

  6. Not so keen on Transamerica in the Pic categpory - it was a good film though. In fact I think I would put Transamerica above Capote, which even though it was very well acted, I didn't love. Brokeback Mountain should have won!

    The other categories are good, but I just wasn't thrilled by Huffman's performance in Transamerica. I thought she was very good, but not great.

    Good to see Naomi Watts up there because she played a very powerful role, especially when most of the time she was acting without a co-star (who was later CGI-ed in!)