August 5, 2009

At The Movies makes a change in terms of hosts...

Those who have been upset at how the dueling Ben's have handled what used to be Siskel and Ebert's (and more recently Ebert and Roeper's) show can now rejoice, and as there will no longer be anyone named Ben hosting At The Movies.
-Now we'll have two of Richard Roeper's better guest hosts handling the reviewing duties on the show. They are the New York Times' film critic A.O. Scott along with the film critic for the Chicago Tribune Michael Phillips.
-Read all of Variety's take on the change here. Good luck boys!


  1. OMG Thank God, A.O. Scott is my favorite critic and he Ben's suck balls. THANKS GOD!!!!!!

  2. very few people were a fan of the Ben's...I loved the show with Siskel and Ebert, as well as with Ebert and Roeper...when Roeper had good guests it was great (Kevin Smith raving about Half Nelson was a great episode), but overall it was always solid...I could barely watch the Ben's (in fact, only tried twice, and failed) this is good news

  3. This has just made my day! Reading Phillips's reviews in the Chicago Tribune has made him my most trusted movie critic, and I am so glad they are getting him and Scott to do this. For the record, I could tolerate Mankiewicz but Lyons was wearing really thin. Words cannot express who excited I am.

  4. Jesus Christ, I am so fucking excited!

    Thank you, ABC for listening to the fans...

  5. Good to hear. Michael Phillips was great with Roeper and even though I'm not a huge fan of A.O Scott hes better than both bens